lundi 4 mai 2009

One Sunday in the South of France

Spring is in full swing, so my husband and I decided to pack an icebox with food and drinks, and head off to do a bit of driving in our battered old Peugeot.
Can you see me?

On the road from our village to Arles, we were slowed down by the occasional trailer and a few cars overloaded with either bikes or kayaks -- a sure sign that the tourist season is about to begin here in the south -- but we were soon enough at Fontvieille, where there was a big vintage market going on. (Picture me here, jumping around with delight.)
"Where's the lace?" was my question.

I picked up a few lengths of lace and a dozen vintage crocheted ribbons that I can't wait to sew on to my pillows. My husband went for an enormous fruit bowl handcarved from cork, which I found nice, and a war helmet, which I found ugly, but which he assured me we weren't going to keep around the house. It was going to be a gift for his friend, Coq, bartender at Perroquet, a café at our main village square. The man might just be crazy enough to wear the thing as he putt-putts around on his little moped.

Late in the afternoon we drove to Barrage de Peiroou at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, where we had a picnic of bread, cheese, stuffed peppers, and various charcuteries.
Bits of bread floating around my husband's
glass of rose wine . He's messy like that.

We spent the rest of our time watching an old woman talk to her brown boxer like it was her own baby. "Nice dogs, but ugly," husband pronounced. "They look like they all decided one day to run into traffic and ram their noses into a truck."

With that thought, we got back into the car to drive home. Part of the way, we were under an umbrella of plane trees, which I know I could have taken a better picture of, except I was afraid that with my hand extended out the window like that, the wind would snatch the camera right out of my hand.
Direction: home.

11 commentaires:

X by Leina Neima a dit…

Lovely day, I miss treaveling in South France once again :)

Dawn of LaTouchables a dit…

How absolutely lovely! Take me with you, next time!!!

ingermaaike a dit…

What a great way to spend the day!

Anna+Lila a dit…

such a wonderful day! ooh, that market looks so exciting!

Ravenhill a dit…

Cool action shots from the car! Your visit to the vintage market sounds most delightful! Lucky you to find all those wonderful treasures and I think it is good we go to different markets!!! We love all the same things! :)
Your new pillows are just wonderful!
~Emily xx

kraplap a dit…

Ohhhh did they had vintage buttons on that market ????

La Pomme a dit…

Yes they did, Petronella! Lots. Now it's true I think that Emily and I can't go vintage-shopping together, as we'll end up in a cat fight over who gets what :D, but you and I can definitely go together. You can keep the buttons and I can keep the lace!

Katrina a dit…

Your day sounds like something out of a pretty story, or maybe a film! How wonderfully bucolic! :-)

alifemorefabulous a dit…

Beautiful - sounds like the perfect weekend!

marianne a dit…

bon jour! what an escape to read such fun! living life and enjoying it ! I would love to tour there and may have to do so in future but for now I dream along with you for the ride!!
enjoy today!

L'Atelier a dit…

what a great day
thanks for taking me with ;)