samedi 25 avril 2009

Serial Killer Meets Vampire

Okay, so promising a new fairytale every Tuesday seems to be a bad idea. Sorry, folks, but sometimes there's just no way to get the writing neurons working. So let's revise the promise and say: one new tale every two weeks, and in between maybe a zine or two. Everybody agrees? Great, you're all such sweethearts! I love blog democracy ;D

So, after almost a month of nothing new, there's a new addition to my Imagined History Series. And this time things get really gory.

I'm not going to say anything more, save for that this tale is my bawdiest ever, and was inspired by a doll-sized vintage pewter candelabra. Read, and tell me what you think.

Blood Light
by Apol Lejano-Massebieau

Thirty candles he lit that night,
one for each of his ex-wives.

Six of them—the most beautiful—
had their heads now floating in glass.
From a clever system of hooks and
chains hung the eight pairs of legs that
used to boogie and tango the best
dancers of the lot.

To one particularly bosomy bride belonged
the honor of having her breasts cut off and
displayed on a marble pedestal.

Of the rest, he kept bits of pieces of his
favorite parts: an ankle here, an ear there.
The young one from the South, whom he
adored but considered far too loud, he kept
her lips as souvenir, but sewn with silken
thread shut.

With light from the thirty candles, he worshipped
at his subterranean church, but before he could
sanctify the shrine with his nightly rude benediction
—slash! His neck had been slit open, and he lay
bleeding on the ground.

From her hiding place had come out his brand-
new wife, still in her wedding dress, but instead
of a bouquet, something sharp and glinting
in her hand.

The young girl from the South may have talked
too much, but she had kept secret the presence
of an older sister who too early had had to leave
home after a series of bizarre events had led to
her developing a taste for man blood.

Going down on her hands and knees to crouch
over the man’s carotid artery, bride no. 31 sucked.
“How fitting,” was the man’s last thought, “as
it is our honeymoon night.”

The book is for sale in my Etsy shop here.

4 commentaires:

Hayley Egan a dit…

!! Love it...

Anna+Lila a dit…

I really love it! a little bit of darkness is always welcome!

Apryl a dit…

LOVE IT!! *CAPSLOCK GLEE* it could possibly be that I have been watching all together to many vampire movies, and reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter and watching the show too... nahh never too much of that.

allways good to have a bit of darkness with drops of blood gleaming like rubies, and white teeth gleaming in the night.

Katrina a dit…

Oh, it's so darkly gorgeous! The black/white + red color scheme is stark, yet evocative.

Now...this is a nit, but I have to admit being confused about the number of candles. In your blog, it starts by saying the man lit 3 candles, but later in the story, you mention the light of 30; I noticed that in your Etsy shop, it says he lit 30, so I figured the 3 was a typo. But I'm still confused with the line "one each for ten of his ex-wives." If he lit one for 10 wives, there should only be 10 candles, right? Besides, why light only for 10 wives, not all 30? Sorry, Apol, I wasn't going to leave a comment about something to nitpicky, but I'm OC and just can't let it go without clarification! ;-) (I know I'm going to look stupid I missing something? Is it deliberately that way for creative license, and I'm just too logical to realize it?)