jeudi 23 avril 2009

Good Morning, Sore Throat

For the second day running!

And how are you this fine Thursday?

6 commentaires:

Sophie Appleby a dit…

I hope you are feeling better soon! Also just wanted to let you know you are my 'Beautiful Blog of the Week'. Thank you so much for creating such a gorgeous and inspiring blog.
Sophie x

AgapeLiz a dit…

Hope you get well soon!

REread a dit…

no sore throat ... had a lovely Thursday... at least you got to drink the lemon drink from a cool retro old pyrex cup

gene + experiments a dit…

honey and lemon works best for me. and lots of water. hope you feel better soon.

jealousydesign a dit…

Hope you are feeling better!
Something that usually works is camomil tea or fresh ginger in hotwater :)

Ravenhill a dit…

Best wishes for a speedy recovery! I am sorry to hear about your sore throat and hope you are better soon!
~Emily xx