mercredi 10 décembre 2008

Walking in Cold Weather

I've heard it said many times that blogging gives you the urge to do the strangest things. For example, take a photo of your shoes while you're out for a little walk in the old city.

4 commentaires:

zana a dit…

You are absolutely right! My husband is always asking - are you going to blog about this?
Lovely boots!

Jane a dit…

Ha!.....Zana & Apol I fear there is no cure :(

Katrina a dit…

Hey, I'm not a blogger, but I do the same! I've taken a picture of my feet (and other weird stuff) many times. :-)

Cute tights, by the way! I heart hosiery.

La Pomme a dit…

Me too, Katrina! I have them in all sorts of colors, including hot pink :D