lundi 11 août 2008

A SALE! A SALE! (or, because plush is what it's all about)

Plush is what it's all about is Shop No. 1, where I decided a while back that I'll be stocking just plushies, like dolls and soft toys, and various other softies--soft sculptures, pillows and the covers for these.

So no matter how hard it is for me to let them go, as I love the meditative quality of the time I spend putting together my soft jewelry, I'm not making fabric wrist cuffs for sale anymore. The few I have left in my shop will have to go, so I'm putting them on sale at US$19 each. Now comes the part where you allow me to be very cliché and say: Get them while you still can! Click here.

1 commentaire:

Carol Dean a dit…

Oh no! How can you possibly stop making these wonderful creations!!?? Sigh...