lundi 7 juillet 2008

A New Shop!

Images from some of my collaged books.

Reporter, editor, writer. These have been who I've been most of my adult life. Recently, I've added "toy-maker" to the list, but even over at my online shop for fanciful plush goodies, half the compliment I've received have had to do with my product descriptions.

So why fight it, I recently asked myself. I've always wanted to have my stories published in books anyway. And while my progress over in the actual publishing world has been steady, it is a bit slow. So I decided to give things a bit of a push by making myself my own books.

Yep, I started a second online shop for my fairy tales. Click here to see. The shop is called La Pomme Stories--this is self-publishing, the handmade way!

P.S. About the previous post: The last of the free Headache Dolls were given away last week. Watch this blog for future freebies!

6 commentaires:

Shannah a dit…

What a wonderful idea! I just visited your new shop and am so impressed with what you create!!! You are one of those who has the talent of an artist *and* storyteller. What a beautiful way to combine the two.

katrina a dit…

I'm just in awe of your talent and imagination. IN. AWE. The image of strawberries bleeding into the earth, the tragedy of Rosenda willingly waiting in vain, the poignant beauty of Jasmine, and the utterly charming visualizations and tactile forms of all of have well and truly blown me away, my friend.

I find all your handmade creations beautiful, but these books...these books, I want. In fact, I must admit that I COVET them, most especially the Pale Berries and (once you make one) Rosenda books. I eagerly await what new beauties your hands will make next. :-)

Verão a dit…

How cute! I love the new store! You're so creative!

X by Leina Neima a dit…

Great idea! I wish you lot of luck :)

Leililaloo a dit…

This new store you launched is just fantastic. Your good ideas and perfect executions of it, just don't seem to stop me getting in an oooooooooh and aaaaaah condition.

ameninabrinca a dit…

I love your books, Lapomme. They are SO beautiful. They are like collector's items, should be kept for the next generations and cherished as true handmade treasuries.