mercredi 16 mars 2011

Reclaimed Postal Bags

Here are new photos of the vintage postal bags I made for my Reclaimed line. Two of them are still available at the shop.

3 commentaires:

Bronwyn Lloyd a dit…

I love your 'reclaimed' line Apol. The patchworked ticking is beautiful and the pieces you have made so far have a similar vibe to Ann Wood's gorgeous stuffed creatures made from antique textiles.
I hope you're getting some writing done. After all, March is supposed to be your distraction free writing month, and I'm keen to read more of your fabulous stories.
Being multi-talented can be tricky sometimes!

Heather a dit…

Oh my, these bags are fabulous! I am absolutely swooning over your entire "reclaimed" line! Can't wait to see what else you add!

bess a dit…

I love these!