jeudi 17 décembre 2009

For Mitsy

Because she loved this.

Because she's retiring as EST's Secret Santa organizer.

Because she finally revealed her secret.

Because, as Kaja says, it's Christmas.

And because I just plain like her a lot!

I made this for Mitsy of ArtMind, a second sales fairy who will be on her way to Belgium by the weekend.

May she bring you lots of luck, Mitsy!

4 commentaires:

ArtMind a dit…

Aww Apol, that is just the sweetest surprise! You're such a darling & I'm thrilled to receive your sales fairy.
I can't believe you are that cheeky. Well, actually I can! ;)
Thanks so much for being so kind.
I like you too! :) *smiles big time*

Kuutydruk a dit…

This is so sweet and I totally agree with you! :) Mitsy deserves it all :)

Dina Fragola a dit…

Hehe Belgium will be invaded by Pomme's fairies :)

minabulle a dit…

I'm discovering your so beautiful universe, it is so wonderful!! what lovely creation!