mardi 13 novembre 2007

What Was The Last Handmade Thing You Bought?

On Etsy buyer Pam's shopping list: (clockwise from top right)
necklace from Dingle Dangle, straight pins from Robin Bird's
Coke jewelry set from Vintage Nouveau, and an angel
from Debby Arem Designs.

Pam from Omaha, the USA, answers the question this week. (If you're a regular on and frequent the forums, you would know Pam by her username PussDaddy.)

What Was The Last Handmade Thing You Bought?
"This devil/angel necklace made by Dingle Dangle and it cost US$18 plus US$2 shipping."

What made you buy it?
"I bought it because I thought it was very pretty. I collect angels, and I was having a bad day and the thought of an angel with only one wing seemed to sum up the day I was having.... Plus it was on Time Machine 2 almost immediately when I went there. I also have a fondness for things made from found objects and unusual things."

What are you looking to buy next?
"I have some things in my favorites that I hope to buy next. I get a Visa card for Christmas so that I can choose some of my own gifts. Here are a couple of things I have picked out if they do not sell [first]: a circuit board angel pin, a pendant-and-earrings set made from Coke cans, and these straight pins which I should probably go ahead and just buy."

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X by Leina Neima a dit…

Great to know, that there are people who just love and support making handmade things... lovely post!

glasfaden a dit…
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glasfaden a dit…

Oh yes, I think, PussDaddy is very well-known in the forum. She's very helpful and knows just a lot about Etsy. She is a living Etsy dictionary for me ^_^ I like your interviews with buyers - thank you!

Renate a dit…

Interesting read :)
Nothing better than Handmade, yeah!

BooHooHoo a dit…

A little late, I know, but I ended up buying all of this stuff except for the coke items. Have a nice day,