dimanche 28 octobre 2007

What Was The Last Handmade Thing You Bought?

Tara Vaughn of Pennsylvania, USA, who is a crafts artist herself, working with felt and selling her wares online at Project Felt, answers the question first:
Tara's latest buy.
What Was The Last Handmade Thing You Bought?
"A clay sculpture made by LoopyBooby on Etsy. She does amazing work and it's actually the second piece I have purchased from her. I paid US$40 for it and it's worth every penny."

What made you buy it?
"Impulse. I really didn't have a 'need' for it. But I can't help myself sometimes! If you check out her shop you'll see what I mean."

What are you looking to buy next?
"Right now I'm in the market for some promotional materials for my shop. I'm having someone design a post card for me and I'm working on getting some buttons made too."

Now have a look at Tara's stuff! Click here to go to her online shop: Yes, here!

NOTE FROM THE BLOG AUTHOR: One of the first handmade objects I ever bought was this suggestive flower made by the Filipino artist Jenny Cortes. It was sculpted from wood and then dyed. I got it when I was fresh out of university, and have brought it everywhere with me through the many times I moved from one apartment to another while living in Manila, the Philippines, and up to now as I type away from my home in France, the flower looks down at me from where I've hung it on a salmon-painted wall. This, I think, is testament to just how much I am fond of surrounding myself with the works of artists and craftspeople. So I came up with the idea of every week on this blog having people share with me their love for handmade stuff, by asking them the question, "What was the last handmade thing you bought?"

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Heli a dit…

I love LoopyBooby too! Great creatures! :) And Taras shop is so cute and colorfull!

ArtMind a dit…

Loopyboopy is the best!
I saw it first in one of Heli's treasuries and fell in love immediately!
Great blog-entry Lapomme!

X by Leina Neima a dit…

wow, LoopyBooby will be my new fave, too... Interesting post, lapomme :)

Tara a dit…

THanks for letting me contribute to this blog. It was fun answering all these questions.

Patrick a dit…

Loopyboopy has just won a new Etsy heart :)

Renate a dit…

Yeah, These creatures are very cool :

Morrgan a dit…

The sculpture is great! And so is Tara's shop! :)

I really like this blog post idea, I hope you keep it up!

Pamela Angus a dit…

I like the new direction of your blog - and great post!